April 29, 2017

Happiness Stories

Our first child was a very easy going baby, and with very little guidance, was a good sleeper from a young age. Our world was turned upside down with the arrival of our second child, who from day one, fought sleep, woke constantly,was very discontent and required vigorous rocking or nursing to sleep. After 5.5 months we were exhausted and frustrated, and referred to Leanne by a close friend. Leanne gave me the confidence I needed to get started right away, to bring some structure back to our lives.

It was not an easy, quick fix, but Leanne worked with us closely to find solutions that worked for our child and for our family. Now, almost 6 weeks later, sleep is no longer a constant battle, there is a schedule and consistency, and more importantly, our child is much more content and well rested.  Everyone is much happier, and I could not have tackled his sleep problems without Leanne’s support and insight. I would highly recommend working with Leanne!

LaDonna – Milverton Ontario


We got in touch with Leanne through jammy time sleep solutions after 4 months of terrible sleep. Our son was co sleeping against our desire and waking every one to two hours looking for breast to soothe him back to sleep. I was exhausted and sore from sleeping in the most awkward positions! Naps were no better. Our son would only nap in-arms or in his wrap. I felt like I had no space, no ability to rest, and had reached my limit.

Leanne set up a plan for us and we were very excited to finally have some answers. It was also helpful having someone we had to be accountable to. We learned a ton about sleep habits and Leanne always seemed to have an answer for the seemingly impossible.

Though I can’t say we are one of the lucky ones that has a baby who sleeps 12 hours straight through the night I CAN say we have had massive improvements! Naps are now easy, predictable and I can actually take a break in the day! Night times consist of one nurse between 1-2AM and we are definitely all sleeping better  at night.

I have no regrets contacting Leanne. She gave us the stepping stones we desperately needed and I believe we can tackle any future sleep issues that may arise because of our new found know-how.

If you’re having doubts whether or not this is worth it, just remember; you AND your baby deserve quality sleep. And you as a parent are not selfish for having needs. I believe this is a great investment into your family.

Kimberley, Calgary Alberta


Thanks so much Leanne for helping us with going from three naps to two. I felt super comfortable with you and knew that we would get through. You helped us every step of the way,  even when our son started waking up in the night. We did it! We got through it. Thanks a million.

Mandy, Toronto Ontario


SleepFull Nights Graduates

James (son of Mandy)